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Fresh sandwiches, salads, and soups

Oasis Marketplace

—See it in Action—

A New Employee Benefit

With an Oasis Marketplace, your employees will be able to enjoy deli-style meal options without leaving the office. No more dealing with “hung” products, jammed dollar bills, or hand-written “out of order” signs. Instead, employees can browse through a selection of hundreds of items, read nutrition labels, and check out all items in one simple transaction.


More Choices – Better Options

Your employees will no longer be limited to what can fit into a vending machine. A typical marketplace includes:

•   Fresh sandwiches, salads, and soups

•   Breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and cereals

•   A wide variety of mainline and alternative

•   Yogurts, parfaits, milk, and cheese

•   Crispy and crunchy snacks

•   Fresh fruits and vegetables

•   Ice cream and frozen treats

•   Medicine and sundries

•   Much more!


What About Theft?

Oasis Marketplaces are positioned in “closed” locations like a room with access via a single door. Security cameras are installed, and work in sync with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, theft in controlled environments has been found to be minimal. Clearly marked signs indicate to users that there is video surveillance, which discourages theft.










What We Need From You

•   A dedicated DSL, or better internet line

•   A backup phone connection to process debit/ 
   credit card transactions should the market
  lose internet connectivity.

•   An employee area, away from public traffic,
   with sufficient power for coolers, freezer, and  
   the kiosk.

Easy-to-use, secure market

An Easy-to-use, Secure Market

Your employees will love the easy to use checkout process. They simply browse through the market, scan their items at the kiosk, and pay for their purchase using cash, their credit/debit card, or their preloaded market keytag.


The Only Safe, Secure Micro Market

Our system is the only micro–
market that is PCI/PA-DSS-certified, providing the highest level of bankcard transaction integrity. Our CityMarket kiosks rely on proven software that powers more than 20,000 point-of-sale systems in North America.

Theft in controlled environments has been found to be minimal

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