Transforming Onsite Refreshment

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Are your employees still lifting 40lb water bottles, hoping they don’t splash water onto the floor while trying to load the next bottle on top of the water cooler? Fresh water shouldn’t be an occupational hazard!

Oasis Northwest offers our clients several modern, stylish purified water options. We are proud to provide ION™ water coolers. Using state of the art technology, every glass is freshly filtered and instantly chilled—removing chlorine, lead, and other impurities in your water supply. Unlike other coolers, ION’s proprietary design has no reservoir to clean or sanitize. Always bottle-free and freshly filtered, you’re assured that your water never sits stagnant in a plastic container.

If a water line is not available, Oasis Northwest provides stylish, bottom-loading coolers for five-gallon bottles. The bottom loading technology eliminates heavy lifting of water jugs, making refills
a breeze.

We invite you to learn how our innovative, energy efficient water solutions can add to the vitality and excitement to your organization!

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