Pantry Service

pantry service

Create Loyalty. Inspire Creativity and Teamwork.

Attract and keep top talent! Offering snacks, beverages, water, and coffee in your breakroom, known as Pantry Service, is the ultimate perk for employees and can have a significant return on investment for your organization.

Keep and retain your top employees, reducing hiring and training costs. Improve productivity by keeping your team onsite. Increase energy levels and collaboration. Most of all, create an atmosphere where employees love to come to work each day.

Healthy Options

Choose from a wide selection of healthier snacks and beverages to energize your team.

Budget Friendly

Pantry service can be as big or small as you want it. From hundreds of snacks and beverages, sparkling water and coffee, to a few hand-picked options. And we will work with you to create a budget that you feel is appropriate. With orders as small as $50 per week for snack delivery, there’s no reason to wait!

Breakroom Oasis

Nothing beats the energy and positive atmosphere of a breakroom full of free food and drinks. Employees love it!

Retention Tool

Offering free or subsidized snacks and drinks is a simple way to attract and keep employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pantry Service

How Do I Determine What My Budget Should Be?

Your budget can be an amount for the entire office or per employee. We will work with you to create a weekly or per-delivery budget.

What Does Our Organization Need To Provide?

If you want fixtures, refrigeration, or displays to match your office décor will can use your displays. Otherwise, we will provide the appropriate equipment.

How Much Space Is Required?

Depending on you budget it can be as small as a countertop snack display. Our pantry service ranges from a small basket per delivery to stocking and rotating multiple shelves and refrigerated coolers. It’s all about your space and program goals.

Who Takes Care Of Stocking Items? How Often Is It Stocked?

Oasis Northwest employees stock pantries based on your organization’s goals. If size dictates, we will rotate products with each delivery. Markets are stocked anywhere from once per week to every day, depending on usage.

Does Everything Have To Be Free To Employees?

Pantry service can be tailored to your needs, from completely subsidized (free to employees), partially subsidized (employees pay a small price per item), to selectively subsidized (specific items, usually healthier snacks as part of a wellness program are free or discounted to employees.

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